Bk1 Cover Art-tempYes, like half of the American population it seems, I too am working on a novel. Make that… three. You might even call it a *gasp!* trilogy, in which each book, while happily nested on the sci-fi shelf, detours into other genres. Book one will start off with a bang in a more familiar, intimate horror-esque setting, complete with cave monsters and bad guys doing bad things. Book two will push the plot arc into a high-action, but darker almost film noir version of bloodsports in space. Wrapping things up–or leavings things open?–will be book three, in which the spy games subplot of the prior two books will develop into a full-fledged political thriller.


The Dust Series is set in a sci-fi universe where intergalactic flight is not only possible, but the technology behind it is what drives the universal economy. For those planets able to afford that luxury on a daily basis, everything is sunshine and roses. But for those that can’t?

  There’s dust in space. They don’t tell you that in the brochures. It’s supposed to be all star-glam and vast black skies and empty, darkly empty silence. Peaceful, right?


 It’s tight corridors, stagnate air that plugs up your lungs, and dust. Sure, the ship air scrubbers catch some of it. But the cheap ones only work so well—which is fine… so long as they do work. Because who wants to die from carbon monoxide?

But you know how much dead skin just sits there? Sits there in the mess area, the bunks, in the engine. The human body sheds four kilos of dead skin a year. That’s a lot of dust gumming up the place. And then there’s that ban: we don’t bury our dead. Dry earth is too rare, too precious to waste on something that doesn’t pay taxes anymore. Planets are owned by corporations and monarchies, and with as many vacant planets as there are out there, they still claim we’re running out of space. So we don’t bury the dead; we cremate them and dump the ashes in enormous space clouds that orbit Babel in what we’ve nicknamed “cemeteries.”

 No, space isn’t beautiful. It’s cramped and stagnant and filled with the dust of the dead.

The Dust Series

Book I: Transgressor’s Brand

Craig Halite is a convict. Plagued with IED, he’s found himself in a raw deal on the wrong planet with no one to blame but himself. Things go from bad to worse when monsters begin stalking the mines the prisoners work and the penal colony plummets into rioting. It’s only through casualties and consequences that Craig learns that redemption isn’t bought or earned, but given.

Book II: Debt’s Crucible

Blurb TBD

Book III: Lively Stones

Blurb TBD


The Dust Series is about hope for lost people in a lost universe not unlike our own. Clinging to biblical themes and records, there are many parallels in this trilogy between the history of the Jewish people of the Old Testament and the trials of the Twelve Apostles in the New. While not a play-by-play account of the Christian’s Walk, Craig’s story is symbolic to that of being drawn by the Call of Christ and ultimately learning his purpose of being stalwart against the enemy while working towards furthering The Kingdom.

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