Digging Deeper in the Bible


I’ll be frank. I don’t go out of my way to see many “Christian” films, despite being a committed Christian myself. I cringe whenever I see another caricature conversion on screen and the schmaltzy faith music that cues the “oh, I’m a Christian now” change. It just never feels genuine, […]

Movies to Watch Before You Go Camping

My family just returned from a short little camping venture in Oklahoma. It was so refreshing to get away from the lights and the noise of the metroplex, and get the chance to stargaze with the deer, chase down after the eye-glow of critters from our flashlights, and careen down […]

LARP Isn’t What It Used To Be

It’s usually when I should be prepping for something super heavy-duty and important (like NaNoWriMo) that I go into a wild frenzy of house-cleaning and/or become terribly distracted by a shiny new discovery. Let’s just that say that, of those two choices, the bottle of Febreeze has fallen to the […]

5 Minute Movie Review: The Martian

Quick Summary: When mission crew Ares III must abandon the surface Mars to escape a severe storm, astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead and left behind on the desolate planet. Alone but very much alive and in keeping with the courageous NASA spirit, Mark finds that he must “science his […]

Short Story: “Bogged Down By Science”

It’s old news that the video game industry has completely blown past both the movie and music industries in the US. So there really should be no shame in saying that a lot of my own writing was originally directly inspired by video games. But what’s that one quote that […]