God's A-Mazing Creation

The Deluge and Cracked Earth, Part II

This past weekend, I “trail running” again, intent on trying to reclaim one of my favorite hikes that had been lost to me for months because of the Great Texas Deluge of 2015. As a recap, the rains came in May when we all had to deal with some pretty […]

Travertine: Not Just Home Decor

Hey again, gang! Lets talk about “rocks” again, because regardless of how boring that lecture on sedimentary layers was back in high school, geology is pretty awesome and its living proof of the constantly changing (and falling apart!) world that we’re hanging out on during our short, but hopefully climactic […]

Hoodoos and Mars in Your Backyard

Okay, I admit it. I just really love rocks. Well, no, not in the sense that I can pick a stone up off the ground and instantly know its name. Rather, I just really really love geological formations. The shapes that everything rests on. I’m drawn to cliffs and caves, […]

Mission Impossible and Its Awesome Faulty Tech

Its hard not to love the Mission Impossible franchise and all its smooth operators, fantastic stunt work, and all that great comedic timing in high-stress situations. In fact, I’m not even sure what I’m looking forward to the most when Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation hits the theaters on July 31st. […]