Digging Deeper in the Bible


I’ll be frank. I don’t go out of my way to see many “Christian” films, despite being a committed Christian myself. I cringe whenever I see another caricature conversion on screen and the schmaltzy faith music that cues the “oh, I’m a Christian now” change. It just never feels genuine, […]

Changing the Critical Spirit

It’s a new year! Time for fresh starts, amping up goals, and taking a good look at the last year to see where you can improve. Personally, I’ve found a lot of places where I see just how badly I failed at meeting my own goals (i.e. not making enough […]

Lively Stones

I recently pooled the opinions of some friends over at Critique Circle on renaming the books in my WIP writing project. It was loads of fun to toss out ideas and get feedback, as they tossed out great ideas to chew on and encouraged me as fellow comrades in the […]

The Confidence not to Shirk

When I was a child, I used to hate birthdays. I dreaded them for weeks. Birthdays meant that–on that Sunday–you had to walk up in front of everyone in the Sunday School classes and drop pennies into a white plastic piggy-bank shaped like a steepled church. One by one you’d […]


I’m fascinated by a recently trending topic on the interwebs. It’s not about someone’s oily derriere, or a surfer fending off a shark attack, or even that one adorable kitten who… you get the picture. It’s about God. It’s about God and how we want to communicate with him, and […]