Hey there! My name is K.B. Wylie. Yes, it is a pen-name. No, I’m not hiding anything. Most people call me Katy; you can call me Fred or whatever. I’m not really all that picky.

I’m an aspiring author, Christian geek, avid hiker, and movie buff living in the DFW area of Texas who also uses the word “groovy” too much. And just like half the world’s population (the silent half, that is), I’m learning to deal with my introverted nature in a society driven by extroverts by casually smiling and backing away slowly.

I blog about movies and geeky stuff, get overly hyped about random science news, and generally fill my brain with hopes of adventure in exotic places. It seems only natural to me that I’d be drawn to write sci-fi as my escape, though that–as some have noted–may seem pretty strange, because I am also a very conservative Christian and a 6-literal day Creationist. However, I like to think of it as expressively using the imagination with which God has so amazingly gifted us. You can read about my allegorical sci-fi WIP here if you’re curious.

KB Wylie icon-poster rounded
The obligatory goggles-selfie validating one’s credentials as a bonafide geek (for cheap! like sketchy online diplomas!)

And that’s me in a nutshell: the geeky gal next door.

So that’s what I’m doing here: trying to encourage and share my passions with new friends and old; spread the love for stories, whether that be movies, TV shows, or books (and suggest titles according to taste); and re-introduce people to this amazing world which God made for us.

I like to think that my writing–no matter the medium, whether blogging or penning a novel–will all boil down to the four E’s: entertain, educate, encourage, and edify. It’s a pretty thought at least and a happy goal to run towards, so here I go a’runnin’!

If you’d like stay up to date with what all that jazz, please feel free to subscribe by sending me a note or by using the subscribe widget on the top-right of your screen.

Cheers and God bless!


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